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Safety First With Quick Draw® VARTM

Quick Draw® VARTM is a revolutionary process for molding fiber-reinforced composites. It combines the advantage of low-cost tooling used in conventional opening molding and the simplicity of hand lay-ups. It also produces the quality and consistency of pre-preg-type parts.
The Quick Draw® VARTM process eliminates the use of breathers, bleeders, and resin distribution mediums inside vacuum bags. Quick Draw® films with the specially engineered Micro Channel™ texture move air quickly and completely from the vacuum bag and then efficiently and uniformly distribute resin induced by vacuum into the bag.
The process can be used with various conventional resin systems, including polyesters, vinyl esters, and epoxies. The Quick Draw® VARTM process can also uniquely incorporate advanced UV-cured resin systems, such as those from Sunrez, to produce large parts in a single molding with near-zero VOC emissions.

Safety First with Quick Draw® VARTM

  • Quick Draw® VARTM is a Totally Enclosed Molding System
  • Dramatic Reduction or Elimination of VOCs
  • No Open Curing Emissions
  • Less Solvent Cleanup
  • No Resin-Saturated Breathers, Bleeders, & Resin Distributors Media
  • Recyclable Film
  • Less Resin Waste from Overspray & Spills
  • Less Residual-Reacted Resin
  • Reduces Generation of Solvent & Resin-Contaminated Containers

Easy Quick Draw® VARTM Adaption & Adoption

  • Minimal Technical Instruction Required
  • Accelerated Learning Process with Similarity of Materials & Tooling with Other Common Processes
  • Simplified Work with Reduced Need for Hands-On Resin Application
  • Flexibility of Use in a Variety of Forms to Fit the Product
  • Extensive Use, From Wet Hand Lay to Full VARTM, Allowing Work in Larger, More Complex Structures While Remaining in the Current System
  • Use of Abbreviated Quick Draw® VARTM Versions on Odd Jobs While Maintaining Quality: Pour Resin Into Tool, Bag, & Evacuate

Fast, Easy, & Economical VARTM Through Quick Draw®

  • Extreme Efficiency & Cost-Effectiveness
  • Faster Production
  • Less Cleanup
  • More Flexibility & Process Control

Increased Competitiveness With Quick Draw® VARTM

  • Reduced Manufacturing Expenses Through More Controlled Use of Raw Materials
  • Fewer Hazards Translating to Fewer Liabilities
  • Higher Fiber-to-Resin Ratios for Improved Strength-to-Weight Ratios
  • More Consistent Quality With Fewer Rejects
  • Cleaner, Healthier Work Environment That Doesn’t Require Cumbersome Safety Equipment Such as Respirators
  • Attracting New Business & Developing New Products with an Advanced Form of Manufacturing
FTI Product Film Type Available Mil Thickness Maximum Width Available Yield (Sq. Ft/ lb) Maximum Use Temperature Typical Applications
PET 200 modified polyester 2 mil 120 " 70 sq. ft/lb 300°F(148°C) VARTM
PA 6000 nylon 6 2 mil 107" 100 sq. ft/lb 400°F (204°C) Vacuum Bagging
3 mil 70 sq. ft/lb
PA 6600 nylon 66 2 mil 88" 85 sq. ft/lb 450°F (232°C) Vacuum Bagging
3 mil 57 sq. ft/lb
PO 9200 modified polyolefin 2 mil 60" 105 sq. ft/lb 100°F(38°C) Release Sheet Vacuum Table

Film technology can process most engineering films with the Quick Draw® Self-Venting® surface technology.