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How Big is a Roll of Film?

Quick Draw™ Films are sold by the pound on rolls. Minimum purchase quantity is 50 pounds.

We sell a variety of film types; each type is offered in its own selection of widths. Film is sold in minimum 50 pound rolls and a maximum of 120 pound rolls but roll weights vary depending upon the width and type of film ordered. For example, a 72" roll of Quick Draw™ PA 6002 film will weigh approximately 72 pounds plus the weight of the core. Shipping weight will be increased by the weight of packaging which may include a wooden pallet for support of very wide rolls.

With the lone exception of trial rolls, we do not sell film by linear measure. We never sell film flat or folded as that would damage the film.

How Much Does Quick Draw™ Film Cost?

We offer several levels of volume discounts. Please contact us for details. Standard pricing (film only) for our films in minimum purchase quantities (50#) is as follows:

  • PET 200 – Call for Pricing
  • PA 6000 -  Call for Pricing
  • PA 6600 -  Call for Pricing
  • PO 9200 -  Call for Pricing

What if I'm not sure Quick Draw™ will work in my application? Can I try before I buy?

We're happy to provide trial rolls at a nominal fee to first time customers. We're very confident that once you've tried Quick Draw films you will be convinced they are superior to other vacuum bag films.

Hand samples (very small pieces film) can be mailed to you free of charge. If you'd like to run some test before placing an order, we recommend a trial roll. Trial rolls are 25 feet in length by a minimum of 48" in width. Orders must be prepaid by check or money order. Please allow several weeks for shipping and handling. Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska and foreign addresses will vary - call for a quote.

I'd like to talk to a real live human being. Can I do that?

Absolutely! Our business hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm CST. Call us at 713.921.3456 (that's 713.921.FILM)!

You can contact us by mail at the address below or by e-mail at

Film Technology, Inc. • P.O. Box 230228 Houston, Texas 77023 • 713.921-FILM (713.921.3456)

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