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Quick Draw Vacuum Bag Film

Quick Draw™ Films Can Cut Bagging Time In Half

Quick Draw™ vacuum bag molding films are dramatically different and effective. Their revolutionary texture is specifically engineered to provide rapid, controlled evacuation of bags with little or no air entrapment. It also permits quick, accurate film positioning. The pattern geometry allows only minimal surface contact with the laminate until vacuum is applied, so technicians spend more time producing and less time fighting film. Imagine what a 50% reduction in bagging time can do for productivity!

The more complicated the design, the more you need the revolutionary technology of Quick Draw™ films. Our films' unique venting action allows uniform evacuation of the bag, so there's less need for intermediate layers such as breathers. That means the cost for time and materials is reduced for each lay up.

Quick Draw™ films' special design also improves elongation and drapability, so bridging is less pronounced and irregular contours can be bagged without specially fabricated ears or gussets. These new films have higher dimensional stability at autoclave temperatures. Film shrinkage is reduced, so there's less pull back from the sealant tape and fewer bag failures in the autoclave.

Take advantage of the New Wrinkle™ in vacuum bag technology with Quick Draw™ engineered vacuum bag molding films from Film Technology.

FTI Product

Film Type

Available Mil Thickness

Width Available

Yield (Sq.Ft/lb)

Maximum Use Temperature

Typical Applications

modified polyester
2 mil
70 sq. ft/lb
nylon 6
2 mil

100 sq. ft/lb

400°F (204°C)
Vacuum Bagging
3 mil
70 sq. ft/lb
nylon 66
2 mil

85 sq. ft/lb

450°F (232°C)
Vacuum Bagging
3 mil
57 sq. ft/lb
modified polyolefin
2 mil
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