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Quick Draw Film for VARTM

Quick Draw VARTM is a revolutionary process for molding fiber reinforced composites. It combines the advantage of low cost tooling used in conventional opening molding, the simplicity of hand lay-up and produces the quality and consistency of pre-preg type parts.

The Quick Draw™ VRTM process eliminates the use of breathers, bleeders, and resin distribution mediums inside vacuum bags. Quick Draw™ films with the specially engineered Micro Channel™ texture move air quickly and completely from the vacuum bag and then efficiently and uniformly distribute resin induced by vacuum into the bag. The process can be used with a wide variety of conventional resin systems including polyesters, vinylesters and epoxies. The Quick Draw™ VRTM process can also uniquely incorporate advanced U.V. cured resin systems, such as those from Sunrez, to produce very large parts in a single molding with near zero VOC emissions.

Safety first with Quick Draw™ VARTM:

  • Quick Draw™ VRTM is a totally enclosed molding system
  • Environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing
  • Dramatically reduces or eliminates VOCs
  • NO spray emissions
  • NO open curing emissions
  • LESS solvent cleanup
  • Source reductions of solid waste
  • NO resin saturated breathers, bleeders, resin distributors media
  • LESS resin waste from overspray and spills
  • LESS residual reacted resin
  • REDUCES generation of solvent and resin contaminated containers

Quick Draw™ VRTM is Easy to Adopt and Adapt

  • The process requires minimal technical instruction.
  • Similarity of materials and tooling to other commonly used processes accelerate learning process.
  • Reduced need for hands-on resin application make workers jobs easier.
  • Can be used in a variety of forms to fit the product.
  • Quick Draw™ films and procedures can be used in a wide range of processes from wet hand lay to full VRTM so manufacturers can work into larger more complicated structures without leaving their present system.
  • Abbreviated versions of Quick Draw™ VRTM can be used on odd jobs without compromising quality: Pour the resin into the tool, bag it and evacuate.

Quick Draw™ Makes VARTM Fast, Easy and Economical:

  • Extremely efficient and cost effective
  • Faster production
  • More consistent quality
  • Less cleanup
  • More flexibility and process control

Be More Competetive with Quick Draw™ VARTM

  • More controlled use of raw materials reduces manufacturing expenses.
  • Fewer hazards = fewer liabilities.
  • Higher fiber-to-resin ratios allow for improved strength to weight ratios.
  • More consistent quality with fewer rejects.
  • Cleaner, healthier work environment that doesn't require cumbersome safety equipment such as respirators.
  • This advanced form of manufacturing gives companies a unique capability to attract new business and develop new products.


FTI Product

Film Type

Available Mil Thickness

Width Available

Yield (Sq.Ft/lb)

Maximum Use Temperature

Typical Applications

modified polyester
2 mil
70 sq. ft/lb
nylon 6
2 mil

100 sq. ft/lb

400°F (204°C)
Vacuum Bagging
3 mil
70 sq. ft/lb
nylon 66
2 mil

85 sq. ft/lb

450°F (232°C)
Vacuum Bagging
3 mil
57 sq. ft/lb
modified polyolefin
2 mil
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